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Special Committee Companies Bill, 1962 debate -
Tuesday, 12 Mar 1963


Question proposed : " That Section 153 stand part of the Bill."

The same remarks apply here.

There is just one point: In subsection (1) there is the phrase " except where there are good reasons against it ". That sounds rather a lose phrase to me.

It is, in fact, slightly tighter than the same provision in British and Six Counties law. What they say is "except where in the opinion of the directors there are good reasons against it". We thought that was too liberal. In other words, there must now be good reasons, not merely reasons which in the opinion of the directors are good. We thought our provision better.

In other words, someone could test this in court and the court could decide the reasons were not good reasons.

Taxation could be a very good reason.

Question put and agreed to.