Section 2

In the absence of Deputy Heffernan, I move:—

To add to Part 4 a new paragraph as follows:—"(c) All glass ware and other measures or weights shall conform to the Government standard and be stamped accordingly.

The idea, as far as I understand, is to conform an amendment previously inserted providing for the taking of samples of milk in the creamery, and it explains itself.

I will accept that amendment, but I will have to submit the wording to the draftsman.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

This Schedule is only to take sufficient powers to be able to cool cream in a separate division of the dairy to where it is heated up or the milk received. It is for the sake of purity of air. In the west of Ireland I have seen that the heating and the cooling take place in the same dairy with the open shutters. When you are cooling your cream you want to separate it from contamination. For pasteurisation you must be careful of the cream you are treating.

Does Deputy Beamish refer to the engine-room and boiler-room?

No, the cream-room.


That is never in the dairy.

It is done in the west, and I am anxious that powers should be taken to see that that is corrected.

The position is that if we find that cream is being cooled under improper conditions, and where further processes are taking place which are inimical to the cooling process, we have in the Bill power to deal with that.

I do not wish to say anything more.

Question—" That the first Schedule stand part of the Bill "—put and agreed to.
Plant and machinery in registered manufacturing exporters' premises.
A boiler to provide sufficient hot water for the cleansing of the premises, plant and machinery contained therein.
A butter-worker or a butter-blender driven by mechanical power.
Such appliances, apparatus, and chemicals as are necessary for determining the percentage of water in butter sent out from the premises.

I move:—

In line 53 after the word " premises " to insert the words " and the."

This is only a verbal correction.

Amendment agreed to.

I move:—

To add after the word " premises," line 58, the words " all glass ware and other measures or weights shall conform to the Government standard and be stamped accordingly."

This is the same as amendment 58, which I have withdrawn.

Amendment withdrawn.
Question—" That Section 2, as amended, stand part of the Bill "—put and agreed to.