I propose " to delete all after the word ‘ exporters ' in line 16 to the end of the section." Here is a case emphasising " where such regulations have been made all butter examined or classified on such premises shall be examined and classified in all respects in accordance with such regulations."" Shall be classified " simply means to say regulations shall be observed. It seems unnecessary.

The Minister may, by order, make regulations in regard to the examination and classification of that.

Do not the regulations govern the whole thing?

It is, to be specific. First of all, the Minister may make regulations, and where such regulations have been made, all butter shall be examined and classified in accordance with such regulations. Where he makes them does he not prescribe what is to be done? Does it not make my intention absolutely clear?

It seems waste of paper.

It is absolutely necessary. I have a lawyer's predilection for saying a thing twice if necessary for clearness. It is the way half our Acts of Parliament are drafted, and there can be no question once it is put in that shape.

Very well, I withdraw.

Amendment withdrawn.