(6) In this section the expression " approved conditions " means such conditions as respects equipment, processes of manufacture, nature, quality and treatment of milk, cream, or other materials or ingredients used in the manufacture of butter upon the premises, nature, quality and treatment of butter (if any) brought into the premises, packages, wrappers, packing materials, and methods of packing as shall be prescribed by regulations made under this Act as the approved conditions in respect of any class of authorised premises for the purposes of the use of the national mark.

I propose, in sub-section (6), immediately after the word " respects " in line 19, to insert the word " premises." The expression " approved conditions " should, in my opinion, apply not only to equipment, but to the premises.

I am willing to accept that. Our point of view is that once the premises are authorised that is the end of it.

My policy is to make the national mark unduly stringent. Apparently the expression " approved conditions " does not apply to the premises.

I am accepting the amendment.

Amendment accepted and passed.