(1) Any person who sells or exposes for sale or offers or consigns for sale—
(a) as an article of food for human consumption or for use in a butter factory or a margarine factory, or
(b) for use in any premises in which any article of human food is manufactured for sale,
any butter which is dirty shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be punishable accordingly.

Section 41 deals with articles of food. What does " butter which is dirty " mean?

I am afraid that is one of those troubles like defining stale milk. It is a question of fact.

Does it mean intrinsically dirty or dirtied by falling on the road?

Any foreign matter.

Would it go to a jury?

No, to a District Justice.

Would butter with a good many hairs be dirty?

Any foreign matter. You cannot prescribe the standard. The District Justice would have to decide for himself.

It is a question of degree. I have an amendment here in Section 41: " Immediately after the words ‘ sale,' in line 28, to insert the words ‘ or exchanges or barters or for the purpose of resale acquires by purchase, exchange or barter.'"

What is the idea of bringing in barter?

There is a lot of barter done in butter.

It looks rather formidable but it is not.

Amendment accepted and passed.