Question proposed: "That section 182 stand part of the Bill."

IsIris Oifigiúil the best place to publish this sort of information? It certainly does not have a very wide circulation. What about some of the——

I knowIris Oifigiúil is limited in a sense but it is the official publication which contains all the information about dealings with companies registered in the Companies Registration Office. Parties who have regular dealings with companies would automatically look to this as a source for information regarding companies. Beyond that you could have unlimited opportunities if it was not confined. Iris Oifigiúil is the only official document we have at our disposal.

Is the material contained inIris Oifigiúil available in the Companies Registration Office on their computer?

As the Deputy is aware the computerisation programme is at an advanced stage and it would seem appropriate that at least as a very minimum the information should be available at that level.

Publication inIris Oifigiúilwill involve the material also going on to the computer so that anybody who goes in there to check will be able to get it that way as well as through Iris Oifigiúil.

The information would be submitted to the Companies Registration Office and would and should be automatically available on computer. We will aim for that.

Question put and agreed to.
Sections 183 and 184 agreed to.