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New resource to help TDs in their scrutiny of Estimates for Public Services

1 Mar 2021, 10.25

Detail from PBO infographic on Select Committee scrutiny of Estimates

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has published a new web page of guidance and analysis relevant to scrutinising the Estimates for Public Scrutiny.

The Scrutiny of Estimates page brings together all the PBO's information and analysis on the Estimates for Public Services and how Dáil Members scrutinise them. This includes

  • notes on the Revised Estimates which Dáil Select Committees can expect to scrutinise between March and May this year
  • infographics on the role of the Oireachtas in the scrutiny of Estimates
  • focused information on performance budgeting
  • and more

The Revised Estimates Volume for the Public Service is published by Government in mid-December every year. It provides more detail on the financial allocations that were announced in the Budget along with performance targets and other information. Scrutinising the Estimates is one of the important functions of Dáil Éireann and its select Committees.