12 Nov 2019, 04.57

The Joint Committee on Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht will meet tomorrow to discuss how to protect and promote nightlife, economy and culture in our major cities. The discussion will see five organisations appear across two separate sessions in Committee Room 4, Leinster House from 1.30pm.

Representatives from Give us the Night Campaign; Electric Garden and Theatre, and Central Arts Waterford will appear in Session A, with Representatives from Dublin City Council and Officials from the Department of Justice and Equality appearing during a second session.

  • Give Us The Night is an independent volunteer group of professionals operating within the night-time industry, campaigning for positive changes to nightlife in Ireland, with particular regard to music venues.

  • Electric Garden and Theatre is a multi-purpose entertainment venue located at Abbeygate Street, Galway which hosts events including club nights, live shows and arts festivals.s

  • Central Arts Waterford is a community arts group, production company and venue which brings artists and the community together.

Earlier this year the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht announced measures to further support night-time cultural activity in Ireland. This work will also culminate in the development of Ireland’s first Night-Time Cultural Policy.

Committee Chair, Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire , said, “The Committee is keen to explore the opportunities and challenges around nightlife and the night-time economy, Wednesday’s meeting will continue the conversation around this important topic, as there are potentially huge benefits from doing do so.

“Jobs and businesses depend on nightlife, and this is evident across Europe where there has been a progressive approach to nightlife, with a wide variety of forms of entertainment. Given business closures evident in recent times, and changing demographics in some of our cities, it is important we reflect and plan on what sort of urban environments, communities, transport and entertainment we wish to provide, and foster.

“With that in mind, Wednesday’s engagement with three organisations from the broader creative communities, along with statutory state agencies, will be most insightful as collaboration will be central to the success of nightlife in towns and cities in years to come.”

Committee proceedings can be viewed live

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