The 19th century was a time of intensive legislative reform in relation to the management of mental illness in many countries, most notably, the passage of the Lunatic Asylums (Ireland) Act 1821, the Criminal Lunatics (Ireland) Act 1838 and the Private Lunatic Asylums (Amendment) Act 1842. Among the important initiatives taken in Ireland at this time, arguably the most enduring resulted in the establishment of an extensive system of public asylums which, in turn, heralded substantial changes to the conceptualisation and experience of mental illness in Ireland.

Up to 1780, so little regard was paid to mental affections, that there were scarcely 200 lunatics supported in our charitable institutions, whereas at present we have in District Asylums alone over 4,000, with an additional accommodation about to be effected for nearly 2,000 more.
Proposal to extend the benefits of Swift's Hospital

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The exhibition uses terms that you will find in the historical records. These reflect people's attitudes and language at the time and may now be considered derogatory or offensive. The word "lunatic" was used to describe a person who was "sometimes of good and sound memory and understanding and sometimes not", while "idiot" was used to describe "natural fools from birth". In 1880, the term "asylum" was used in place of the old word "madhouse", which went out of fashion during the 18th century.

Relief of the sick and destitute poor 1927

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The state of lunatic asylums 1862

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Maryborough District Lunatic Asylum 1833

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Lunacy law reform 1885

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The state of lunatic asylums 1808

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System of public medical relief 1836

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Lunacy inquiry commission 1879

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