On the motion of A. GRIFFITH (East Cavan), seconded by L. GINNELL (Westmeath), it was decided "That a Select Committee consisting of the three Deputies from Co. Tipperary, the HOME SECRETARY, I. GINNELL (Westmeath), JOHN O'MAHONY (S. Fermanagh), W. COSGRAVE (Kilkenny City), T. MACSWEENEY (Mid Cork), J. MCGRATH (St. James'), F. Fahy (S. Galway), be appointed to consider the question of the East Tipperary vacancy in conjunction with the question of dual seats and report at next sitting."
The suggestion of the PRIOMH-AIRE that Thursday be devoted entirely to meetings of Select Committees and that Dáil should adjourn from this evening until 10 o'clock on Friday morning was approved.