REPORTS OF SELECT COMMITTEES. - 2. Prisoners of War and Kidnapped Children.

The HOME SECRETARY submitted the following report of the Select Committee appointed to consider the question of Prisoners of War and Kidnapped Children:—
"The Committee appointed to report on the case of the Child Connors and other prisoners met this morning. The Member for South Tipperary arranged to have a full statement of the case made out and authenticated on the spot. On receipt of this statement the committee recommends that representations on the case be made to the various foreign Consulates and all the Child Protection Societies throughout Europe and America, and to the Press. It further recommends that the child's father be brought to Dublin by Mr. Moloney, and his views as to other action ascertained, and that if necessary a public meeting should be called.
"The case of the prisoners Nestor and O'Rourke in Reading Jail was discussed. As they appear to be respectively Argentine and U.S.A. subjects it is recommended that representatives of these countries be communicated with, and that Mr. Lynch should be asked to press attention to O'Rourke's case.
"It is recommended that a full list of all prisoners with the sentences imposed on them and the charges against them should be immediately prepared and printed, and translated into French, Spanish, Italian, and possibly other languages, and circulated abroad.
"The Member for North Monaghan undertook to prepare a statement as to the conditions in Belfast.
"A report was received from Cork that the prisoners there are being treated as ordinary prisoners. The Committee desires to get reports from Sligo, Derry, and Limerick as to the conditions in those prisons for inclusion in the statement to be issued to the world."
LIAM DE ROISTE (Cork City) proposed and P. O MAILLE (Connemara) seconded:—"That the report be adopted and appear on the Orders of the Day for discussion at the public Session."
Question was put and agreed to.