A general discussion took place on the Report submitted by the SECRETARY FOR FINANCE.
Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) pointed out that it was not proper that the monies of Dáil should be in the hands of a bank which flew the Union Jack.
This view was supported by Mr. MACDONAGH (Tipperary N.) and generally agreed to.
It was explained that £2,000 had been lodged with the Munster and Leinster Bank for convenience, and that it would be withdrawn without delay.
Mr. J. MACDONAGH (Tipperary N.) asked several questions regarding items appearing on the Balance Sheet, and in the absence of the Secretary for Finance, was asked to give notice of the questions. He complained that the salary paid to Mr. Gavan Duffy was never sanctioned by the Dáil, and was in excess of that paid to Members of the Ministry.
CATHAL BRUGHA (Waterford County) explained that it was not considered necessary to submit the salary proposed to be paid to an Official to the Dáil for approval, but if the Dáil so desired, this would of course be done.
Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) remarked that it was not a sound principle that members of Dáil should be appointed to salaried positions without the approval of Dáil.
Arising out of the item in respect of the cost of printing "Ireland's Case" Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) moved and JOHN O'MAHONY (Fermanagh S.) seconded:—
"That the Dáil orders that 100 copies of "Ireland's Case" be printed for circulation amongst members of Dáil."
Question put and agreed to.