The ACTING-PRESIDENT moved and T. MACSUIBHNE (Cork Mid) seconded, that:—
"Dáil decrees the appointment of a National Commission of Inquiry into the resources and industries of Ireland, and subject to its report, the establishment of a National Exhibition of Irish Products and Manufactures and Resources, and that an appropriation of £5,000 be made for the time being for this service."
Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) asked whether the members of the Commission would be paid or unpaid?
The ACTING-PRESIDENT replied that he did not think that any member would require payment as salary, but expenses ordinarily incurred should be paid. The members of the Commission should be men of standing and eminence.
After a general discussion the question was put and carried. T. MAC SUIBHNE (Cork Mid) suggested that the results of the Commission's labour should be published from time to time in pamphlet form. This was agreed to.