The debate on the Report of the DIRECTOR OF TRADE AND COMMERCE was then resumed, and the report of the SECRETARY FOR INDUSTRIES was taken in conjunction therewith.
The DIRECTOR, in reply to various speakers, gave particulars regarding the establishment of the Dead Meat Industry. The question of establishing a distributing warehouse was receiving attention. A proposal had been made to him that a number of American millionaires who were interested in Ireland, were prepared to finance an investigation into Irish Resources. The Co-operative Movement seemed to be the only feasible method of combating Foreign Trusts and Combines. They should handle the matter with care so as not to endanger the unity of the people, and so as to retain the support of the Labour Movement.
The debate was continued by Mr. MACDONAGH (Tipperary N.), Mr. MACENTEE (Monaghan S.), Mr. ETCHINGHAM (Wicklow E.), M.P. COLLIVET (Limerick City), and Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green).
The Debate was closed by the MINISTER OF INDUSTRIES who said that a number of concrete proposals would be submitted later in the Session. They would of course discourage the exploitation of Irish Industries by Foreign Capitalists by every means in their power. He was convinced that the development of co-operation, both distributive and productive, was the only way to fight the Trust policy. He did not apprehend any danger of splitting their ranks by the adoption of this policy.