The SECRETARY FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT moved the following motion standing in his name, and the ACTING-PRESIDENT seconded:
"WHEREAS the provision of suitable houses for the working classes is a matter of deep concern to the Nation, and of urgent importance to the well being of the people; and as the operations of the Irish Local Authorities in providing same have been impeded and interrupted during the last five years;
1. That the attention of the Sinn Fein Cumainn be directed to the importance and urgent necessity of dealing with the Housing Question in a manner satisfactory to the people.
2. That in every district in Ireland where houses are required Committees be formed to tabulate local requirements in consultation with persons willing to afford professional or other assistance in the work.
3. That Local Authorities be approached by those committees or Cumainn of Sinn Fein immediately the necessary information is available—with a view to putting the necessary machinery in motion.
4. That in localities where building materials are available— whether there is any output presently or not—all information respecting same be compiled and the local deputy be requested to get into communication with the Ministers of Industries and Local Government in order that development of same may be undertaken if possible.
5. That in order to facilitate and make possible the acquisition by the working classes of the houses, every effort should be directed towards rigid economy, paying due regard to essential amenities, that this proposal should be stimulated and encouraged, and that the laudable desires of the people towards ownership be strongly approved by the Dáil."
Question put and agreed to.