The ASSOCIATE SECRETARY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS moved and PROINNSIAS O FATHAIGH (Galway, South) seconded the adoption of the Report.
Mr. R.M. SWEETMAN (Wexford, North) asked for more explicit information as to the probability of the Government of the United States recognising the Republic.
The ASSOCIATE SECRETARY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS, in the course of his reply, stated that the case of Ireland had ceased to be a mere party issue in America. The establishment of Consulates there was going to bind the existing cordial relations between Ireland and the United States.
The ACTING-PRESIDENT remarked that it was not likely that the question of the ratification of the Peace Treaty would come before the Senate earlier than October. In his latest communication, President de Valera was very hopeful that Article 10 of the League of Nations' Covenant would not be ratified. It was, of course, impossible to prophesy the result.
The motion was put and carried.