The DIRECTOR OF TRADE AND COMMERCE moved, and LIAM T. MACCOS GAIR (Kilkenny, North) seconded the adoption of the Report.
Mr. J. MACDONAGH (Tipperary, North) asked whether, in the event of any industry being approved of by the Commission of Inquiry, the Dáil would invest money for the purpose of fostering such industry?
The DIRECTOR OF TRADE AND COMMERCE replied that one of the purposes of the Commission was to indicate what industries might be fostered when there was money enough to provide a surplus for investment in such industries. When the time was ripe a scheme would be submitted. The question did not yet arise.
Mr. J. O'MAHONY (Fermanagh, South) asked if co-operation had been dropped, to which the DIRECTOR replied in the negative.
Mr. J. MACBRIDE (Mayo, West) suggested that the question of fuel, which was as essential as the question of food, should be considered. An attempt should be made to import coal from America.
Mr. M. STAINES (St. Michan's) referred to the personnel of the Dublin Port and Docks Board, and said that the greatest handicap to the Port of Dublin was its Port Authorities.
The discussion was continued by Messrs. D. KENT (Cork, East) and SEAN MAC AN TSAOI (Monaghan, South), the latter suggesting that the Minister should get into communication with Mr. John Kelly, of Belfast, who recently took over a fleet of thirty steamers. He regretted that the Commission was composed almost entirely of business men, to the exclusion of representatives of manufacturing industries and of practical engineers.
The Report was adopted.