The following letter from the Sinn Féin Director of Organisation was read:—
"In view of the imminence of the necessity for renewed activity of the Sinn Féin Organisation, not merely with regard to general propaganda, but also with regard to Local Government Elections in the autumn, I should like to ask you as Minister for Local Government, under Dáil, to urge on the Members of that body the vital importance of greater attention to the needs of the Organisation within their Constituencies.
"In the course of my work as Director of Organisation. I have met numerous instances of considerable reluctance on the part of some of the Members of Dáil Eireann to assist in the work necessary in their Constituencies.
"I am aware that there are some of the Members of that body for whom there are many and substantial reasons which explain their inability to assist, but there are others to whom this does not apply.
"They seem to lack due appreciation of the fact that they have been elected to their present positions at great expense of energy and money by the people of Ireland, and that the actual result of the last General Election was of the most vital moment to the country, and further, they seem to fail to grasp the fact that if the ground thus gained is to be maintained and the ultimate aim of the movement achieved, great and strenuous work in the matter of organisation is still essential. I trust you will emphasise the importance of the foregoing to your fellow-Members, and secure a greater co-operation in the future from them with regard to the work of the Sinn Féin Organisation
"Director of Organisation."
"Liam Mac Cosgair, T.D.,
"Minister of Local Government."