LIAM T. MAC COSGAIR (Kilkenny North) moved that the Dáil contribute £1,000 to the upkeep of the Limerick Technical Schools.
The ACTING-PRESIDENT said that if the Dáil were going into this question at all they should go into it thoroughly. £1,000 was no good where £2,000 was required. He suggested that Liam de Roiste, J. O'Mahony, and W.T. Cosgrave should go to Limerick and interview the Committee there, and, provided they reported favourably, and, provided that the Schools could be made self-supporting, that the Dáil should support the Institution. The propaganda effect of that would be considerable. If they supported the Institution they would be opening the School and taking back 800 students. It would be an object lesson to the people. He moved that they should support it to the extent of £2,000, subject to the report of Messrs. de Roiste. O'Mahony and Cosgrave.
MICHEAL O COILEAIN (Cork South) supported the Acting-President. He referred to St. Enda's College, and suggested that they had the nucleus of a National School system in these two schools; and though there was no application on behalf of St. Enda's before the Dáil, the Committee proposed to be set up should examine it also. He suggested the addition of the names of Proinnsias O Fathaigh and Fionan Ó Loingsigh to the Committee.
PROINNSIAS O FATHAIGH (Galway South) did not think the formulation of a general scheme as was suggested was feasible.
DR. CUSACK (Galway North) said that if the Dáil took up this project it should be made clear that it was because of the action of the English Government in penalising a man on account of his political principles. He moved that Messrs. de Roiste, Fahy, Cosgrave, O'Mahony and MacSweeney should meet the Mayor and members of the Committee, and that, subject to their report, the Ministry be empowered to allocate £2,000 for the purpose of supporting the Schools.
LIAM T. MAC COSGAIR (Kilkenny North) seconded the motion.
CATHAL BRUGHA (Waterford Co.) asked if £2,000 was sufficient? At the end of a year the School might be in the same position as it was in at present. Provided that the Committee, after consultation with the local people, were satisfied that everything was alright, and that the business men on this Committee were satisfied that it would be a sound proposition, he was satisfied to give £2,000 a year for two years. The Committee should consider the needs of local industries, and how far the School could be made to serve them.
Mr. J. O'MAHONY (Fermanagh South) agreed, and T. MAC SUIBHNE (Cork Mid.) raised the question of providing for the inspection of the School, to secure that its educational programme was being properly carried out.
The following resolution was eventually adopted:—
"That Messrs. MacSweeney, de Roiste, O'Mahony, Cosgrave and Fahy be appointed a Committee to go to Limerick and meet the Mayor and members of the local Committee; that they report on the proposal in its financial and educational aspects; and that subject to their report, the Ministry be empowered to subsidise the school, the Dáil to be represented on the Governing Body and to ensure efficient teaching and inspection."