The ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR IRISH said he expected that the Minister for Irish would have presented a Report, but owing to his untimely arrest a few days ago this was not possible. Prosecution of the work of the Department was becoming necessarily more difficult owing to enemy activity, especially in the Irish-speaking counties such as Cork and Kerry. A programme of Bilingual Education was being drafted. It was the duty of Aireacht na Gaedhilge to see that the necessary text-books and other literature was available for the schools, and a scheme was being prepared for the publication of a certain number of books. The scheme had not yet assumed definite shape but would be ready before next Meeting of An Dáil, and he proposed to ask the Dáil to empower the Ministry to allocate £2,000 for this work. He formally moved the adoption of the Report. This was seconded by P. BEASLAI (Kerry, East).