Tá ceist á chur ormsa i dtaobh díosbóireachtaí na Dála. Beidh an cúnntas ollamh ar an dtarna lá i ndiaidh lae na díosbóireachta. Má bhíonn có-shuidhe Dé Sathairn beidh an cúunntas ollamh Dé Máirt.

I have myself been asked a question about the official reports of the Dáil. The arrangement at present is that the official reports will be available on the second day following that on which the proceedings are reported. Proceedings on Saturday will be available in print on Tuesday. A question has also been asked as to when the proceedings of the Second Dáil will be available. I am told they will be available very shortly.

Arising out of that answer might I also mention the reports of the Secret Private Sessions or whatever they are called of the last Dáil. Will they also be included?

Proceedings of the Second Dáil will be published. I am not clear as to whether those of the Secret Session will be published or not. I will make inquiries if you ask that question to-morrow.

Could you, as I believe it would be a great convenience to the Deputies to have sent to us, or made available each day, the Iris Oifigiuil?

A Committee appointed yesterday on Standing Orders met this morning at 11.30 and arrived at an agreement on a great number of points. The Committee will again meet to-morrow morning. I hope to have a report in the time specified— three days. The Committee on Standing Orders this morning considered that the Dáil should adjourn without question put at 7 o'clock unless otherwise decided by the Dáil.

I would ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs to reply to the questions I have addressed to him.

The questions are as follow:—"To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs whether he is aware that the Assembly of the League of Nations is now meeting at Geneva, and that it is not likely to meet again for at least twelve months."—The answer to that is, "I am aware of it.""Whether the Government has considered the question of causing a formal application for the admission of Ireland to the League to be made immediately, and what decision it has come to in the matter."— The answer is, "The Government are considering this matter now, and have not decided."

Arising out of that question, I do not want to interrupt, but if I can get an assurance that this matter will be definitely answered this week I am satisfied. The matter is urgent, as presumably the Assembly will get over its work soon, so that it may be late to do anything.

There will be a definite answer one way or the other this week.