To ask the Minister for Home Affairs whether, in view of the official denial issued by the Postal Workers, he has or has not procured evidence, to prove the charge of sabotage made by him on Monday against the postal strikers in the following words:—

"Certain, acts of sabotage had been committed at Crown Alley and at Amiens Street Office, where wires had been cut before the Staffs left on Sunday evening."


I think if the Deputy refers to the Official account he will find that that quotation which certainly did appear in the Press is not strictly accurate. I have nothing to add to the information furnished yesterday regarding the acts of sabotage at Amiens Street Telegraph Office.

With regard to the Telephone Exchange at Crown Alley the details are as follows:—

Code markings of the Junction, and Trunk circuits were interchanged causing absolute confusion in the switching of calls. Military lines were similarly interfered with.

The calling circuits for some of the Trunk and Junction lines were also put out of order so as to prevent calls being received over those lines in the Dublin Exchange.

Further the cards containing records of code markings could not be found when the Staff left, and the Staff address record were also missing.

The result cf the interference with the switchboards has been seriously to interfere with the restoration of even restricted Telephone Service.

Does the Minister attribute all these things to these Members of the Crown Alley Office who are on strike?


Yes; I think it would be a reasonable assumption. These things were not damaged, before the Staff left; immediately after the Staff left, at 6 p.m., the damage was discovered.

Could the Minister or any of the Officers indicate, in any way, who exactly were the culprits, in this thing, and, if he finds them, will he prosecute them.


I am very sorry that I cannot indicate exactly who are the culprits, and I very readily give the undertaking which the Deputy asks that if they are discovered they will be prosecuted.