To ask the Minister for Local Government whether the Cork County Council has applied for a special grant towards steam rolling the roads from Cork to Fermoy and from Cork to Mallow, in the neighbourhood of Mallow, on which roads the traffic has greatly increased, owing to the destruction of the Blackwater Viaduct at Mallow; and for remaking the road between the railway station at Mallow and a new railway siding now in course of erection on the south side of the river, and if so, what decision, if any, has been reached.


The Ministry of Transport (Roads Department) have been informed by the Co. Surveyor for Cork, that at a meeting of the Cork County Council on September 6th, it was decided to ask the Local Government Department for a grant towards improving the Cork to Mallow and the Cork to Fermoy roads. These are the roads towards which a grant may be made from the Road Fund. The Fund is financed out of the proceeds of Motor Tax. The collection of this now rests with the County and County Borough Councils. Particulars are being obtained from the Cork County Council as to the progress of the collection of Motor Tax in the County, and when available the question of a grant from the Road Fund for these roads will receive further consideration.