I now move Estimate Number 63, the Development Fund, £41,000. This is a statutory fund which may be used for certain projects of development within carefully defined limits. Capital is required to enable the fund to meet commitments, some of which have been inherited from the old Government, and the present Vote is to supply that capital. Most of the assistance given from the fund at present is given through the Department of Agriculture. There is about £12,000 payable for the current financial year for the improvement of Dairy Cattle; £11,000 for technical and advisory work; £5,000 for Veterinary research and laboratory; £3,000 for Tobacco Growing Experiments; £3,000 for Fisheries work. That, I think, absorbs the greater part of the Vote and amounts to between £34,000 and £35,000. I move accordingly.

Motion made and question put: "That the Dáil in Committee, having considered the Estimate of the amount required in the year ending 31st March, 1923, as a grant in aid of the Development Fund recommend that £41,000 be adopted in due course by the Oireachtas."