The next item is No. 61, Personal Injuries Compensation. It will be observed that there is no subhead 3 in this, and it is open to all the objections that have been urged against the other Estimates, because as far as I know, no money has been expended out of this yet. The provision made here is first—a contribution towards the discharge of personal injuries. By agreement as already explained with the British Government, each side has to compensate its own supporters, in the case of damages sustained before the Truce. In the case of injured persons who were regarded as neutrals, each Government will pay half on a 50-50 basis. Where awards are available steps will be taken for the discharge of our liability. As soon as the funds now asked for are available, as regards cases of personal injuries not covered by arrangements already made, the position is that a Bill to amend the Malicious Injuries Act is in preparation. We hope to introduce it shortly. I move this amount— £250,000.

Motion made and question put:—"That the Dail in Committee having considered the Estimate of the amount required for certain payments of compensation in respect of personal injuries or death to the year ending 31st March, 1923, recommend that the sum of £250,000 be adopted by the Oireachtas."