To ask the Minister for Local Government whether he is aware that the County Surveyor of County Meath has informed the Road Overseers of the County that a member of the District Council is not eligible for employment by the County Council as surface-man or contractor because of his elected position; further, that the Overseers have been notified by the County Surveyor that no District Councillor will be employed after January next; and to ask further, whether any such instructions have been sent out by the Ministry for Local Government, and, if so, what are the grounds for such prohibition.

I have no information as to any statements or notifications made by the County Surveyor of County Meath as to the eligibility for employment of parties holding elected representative positions.

Instructions of the nature suggested have not been issued by the Ministry of Local Government, but the question is being considered in conjunction with other proposed changes in local administration.

Will the Minister make enquiries with reference to this particular case that I bring up, because it is a fact that these men have this order—there are a number of cases?

I will make enquiries.

If the Minister finds it has been carried out will be give instructions that it ought not to be carried out?

I will not give any promise until I have an opportunity of looking into the matter.