To ask the Minister for Defence if he is aware that the engine and eleven wagons of the "Limerick Goods" were derailed midway between Portlaoighise and Portarlington on the night of November 7th, as a result of which Fireman William Dwyer was instructed to return to Portlaoighise to report the matter to the railway and military authorities; whether it is a fact that Dwyer was arrested by the latter and is still detained without charge or trial, and, seeing that Dwyer emphatically denies any connection with Irregulars, if he will order his immediate release from prison or state the reasons for his arrest and continued detention.

Mr. Dwyer was arrested on a strong suspicion of being implicated in the derailment of the train. He has signed the usual form of undertaking that he will not use arms against the Government, that he will not support in any way any such action, and that he will not interfere with the property or persons of others. He was released on the 16th instant.