To ask the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that many months ago two Ford touring cars, the property of Mr. Michael O'Brien, Ashe Street, Listowel, were commandeered by Free State troops for the use of the Army, also whether he is aware that a claim has been lodged for the value of the two cars and loss sustained, whether he is aware that the hiring out of these cars were Mr. O'Brien's—who has a wife and family—sole means of support; whether he is aware that the cars have not been fully paid for by Mr. O'Brien, who is being pressed for payment. Further, whether he is aware Mr. O'Brien did good service for the cause during the Anglo-Irish war, and that he was imprisoned for fourteen or fifteen months as a result of his activities, and is now a staunch supporter of the Government; further, whether the Minister will cause enquiries to be made into the case, with a view to the immediate settlement of this claim?

A claim for compensation has been received. Enquiries are being made into the case with a view to settlement at the earliest possible moment.