To ask the Minister for Finance whether he has any further statement to communicate regarding the consideration of Claims for Compensation arising out of the actions of the British Military Authorities in Ireland during 1920-21; whether the British Government have yet decided to establish in Ireland a branch of the War Compensation Court; and whether, in view of the grave plight of motor traders and others who have lost vast sums during that period, he will take steps to have a decision on the subject announced without delay.

An intimation has to-day been received from the British Government that they hope to give an early decision as regards the proposed establishment of a Branch of the War Compensation Court in Dublin in the sense desired by the Government of Saorstát Eireann.

In expressing regret for delay, the British Government state that it is to be ascribed to no lack of good-will on their part, but to the practical difficulties which they trust will very shortly be surmounted in providing means for the undertaking of a large new field of responsibility by a Court, which is already heavily burdened with its existing duties.