To ask the Minister for Finance whether he is aware that the Prisons officers seeking permission to retire under Article 10 of the Treaty elected a representative to represent them on the Compensation Committee; that notice of the appointment of this representative was sent to the Committee in October; that the Committee decided upon the terms to be given to the Prisons officers without their representative being present; that the representatives appointed by the Civil Service Federation to the Committee do not, and cannot, represent consistently those officers by reason of the fact that they were refused membership of the Civil Service Federation a short time ago; that by filling up the application form for retirement those officers claim they are seeking permission to retire, and not retiring in the ordinary way; and, taking those facts into consideration, will he take the necessary steps to see that those officers receive added years, as provided in the 1920 Act for those who retire with the permission of the Civil Service Committee.

The Prison Officers did not ask the Civil Service Committee (Compensation) to give them representation on the Committee, and it has already been pointed out to their representatives that the notice referred to in the question contained no such request. The Committee unanimously decided that the compensation terms due were those for ordinary retirement in consequence of the change of Government, and not the special terms referred to in the question, and I cannot consent to modify in any way the findings of this Committee.