I desire to ask leave to move a motion at a later stage of the Sitting in the following terms:—

"That Dáil Eireann condemns the policy and practice of reprisals as immoral, unjust, and unlawful, and that such ought not to be tolerated in any civilised country."

In what way is it intended to move this motion? Is it by leave of the Dáil or under any Standing Order?

Under the Standing Orders 14 and 15.

They do not provide for a motion. They provide for a discussion. That has been explicitly ruled on before. They provide for the raising of a matter but not for the moving of a motion.

Well, if I may, I will ask leave of the Dáil to raise this subject which arises out of a proclamation appearing in the morning papers by the Military Officer in charge of the Dublin area.

Yes. If twelve Deputies support it, the matter can be raised, but if it is intended to move the adjournment, as stated yesterday, at 6 o'clock, this could be raised on the adjournment without any necessity for twelve Deputies supporting it. Is it the intention to move the adjournment at 6 o'clock.

In the event of a discussion on the adjournment the support of 12 Deputies would hardly be required under the Standing Orders. Under the Standing Orders, if 12 Deputies did support it, the discussion would arise some time earlier than the adjournment.

The Deputy asking permission does not desire to raise the subject before 6 o'clock.

I will be satisfied to have it raised at 6 o'clock.

Very well; you want to raise a discussion on the matters involved in the Proclamation of General Hogan which appears this morning?

If that matter is taken at 6 o'clock, is it to be limited to half an hour, or may it be extended up to half-past eight?

It will be limited to half an hour under the adjournment rule.

When I consented to that proposition I assumed it would be feasible for the discussion to be continued.

If 12 Deputies support it the discussion can continue under the Standing Orders. Has the request the support of 12 Deputies?

Twelve Deputies having risen in their places the necessary leave was given, and the motion stood over until 6 p.m.