asked the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that a motor cycle, Engine No. 11213, frame 724096, the property of Mr. Bernard Grehan, Toarlisnmore, Kilbeggan, was commandeered by armed men on the 7th April, 1922, and was found by National soldiers in a garage in Moate on May 1st, 1922, conveyed by them to Custume Barracks, Athlone, and used by the National Army; whether several applications, both written and personal, for the return of the bicycle were made without effect, and as Mr. Grehan has a claim lodged for £200 for cycle and expenses, will the Minister have the cycle returned in perfect order or compensate the owner.

It has not yet been found possible to trace the motor cycle in question. A claim was lodged on the 12th ultimo by Mr. Grehan's solicitor. He was requested on the 17th idem. to supply certain information, but so far has not done so. In the absence of the required particulars the claim cannot be considered.