I beg to move the adjournment until Monday, at 3 o'clock.

I second that.

When shall we take the Land Bill?

The Minister cannot leave until his motion is decided upon. Perhaps the Minister will sit down again.

When is it intended that we shall take the Land Bill if we adjourn until Monday?

If we adjourn this debate, and then adjourn till Monday, this debate will be resumed on the first day on which we meet again, which is to be Monday. The question is, when are we to take the Land Bill. That is a question for the President, I think.

We will take the Land Bill as soon as we have finished with this. This is the first time this has been done, and I regret it very much. We have played fairly with the Dáil from the beginning, and this is the first time that a measure of this sort was sought to be talked out. I regret it.

To whom does the Minister refer?

I refer to the last speech, which was deliberately prolonged.

Perhaps we had better not go into that. What is really before us now is the adjournment until next Monday, and there is no use in our going into another question altogether.

I think I shall have to ask the Minister to withdraw that statement.

Certainly not. I adhere to every word of it.

What was the statement?

The statement was that the last speech was deliberately prolonged, and the Deputy knows it.

The statement is untrue.

The statement was that the last speech was deliberately prolonged. The speech began at a quarter to eight and continued until twenty minutes past eight.

And that it went fairly slow.

We should not speak here at all.

Deputy Davin will not improve this matter by interrupting me. Perhaps the President will withdraw.

No, sir, I will not; not if I have to leave the Dáil by a vote.

Does the Minister expect that a Bill of this kind shall be brought in and disposed of on Second Reading in two hours? Is that the Minister's conception of the responsibilities of the Dáil?

The Minister has a longer conception of responsibility to the Dáil than the Deputy who has just spoken, much longer.

I ask, is that his conception?

It is not, and the Deputy knows it.

Order. The motion is that the Dáil adjourn until next Monday at 3 o'clock.

What about the matter of which I gave notice?

I forgot that a notice had been given by Deputy Lyons.