I move the adjournment until Wednesday next at 3 o'clock.

I second the motion.

The adjournment from to-day until this day week involves, as I gather, a discussion, first on the motion of Deputy Burke, the Second Reading Stage of the two Bills which have just been introduced by the Minister for Home Affairs, and the Committee Stage of the Courts of Justice Bill. I want to ask the President if he can give the Dáil some indication of what his intentions are regarding the course of business. Dáil members were given to understand that they were to come to-day presumably to carry on business, but now they may go back to the country, and that, of course, as the Minister for Finance would know if he were here, involves a considerable amount of expense. If they have to come on Wednesday, I think they would like to know if they have to go back on Thursday, and if it is to be one day a week session, and also if it is the intention to carry on continuously, say, until Christmas, in dealing with the various Bills mentioned in the Address which has been laid on the table.

I think I would be able to promise two days' business next week and the following week, and I think it is possible that we may then have to ask for an adjournment. The course of business next week would be the consideration of the two Bills which have just been given First Reading. The third item, I think, would be the Courts of Justice Bill. I should say that the whole of the evening will be given to it. On Thursday the Courts of Justice Bill, if it survives, will be taken up, and also on Friday, and it may be possible to sandwich in during these hours, the debate on the Governor-General's speech. I take it members would like an opportunity of reading that speech fully, as many matters of legislation are dealt with in it, and I suppose the policy of the Government will be open to criticism upon it. I think it is reasonable that members should have an opportunity of studying it before making any statement.

When will the Debate on the Governor-General's speech be resumed and how many days will be allotted to its consideration?

In the last Dáil, at no time during its existence did we move the closure. Every subject got the fullest consideration, and we hope to be able to afford the same facilities in this Dáil, so that members will have an opportunity of discussing the Address to their heart's content.

The Dáil adjourned at 4 p.m. until Wednesday, October 10th, at 3 p.m.