asked the Minister for Home Affairs whether he is aware that many landlords are at present seeking to take possession of cottages and rooms from their tenants without providing alternative accommodation; whether he will take steps to improve the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Act, 1923, by including a clause to safeguard the tenants' interests; if he is aware that many residents in the North Wall area are now being threatened with eviction notices from their landlords.


I have no particular knowledge of the facts stated by Deputy O Broin, but I have no doubt that hardship occurs. Under the Act, however, possession is not to be given to the landlord unless the Court is satisfied that the hardship to him, in consequence of refusing him possession, would be greater than the hardship to the tenant in consequence of being forced to give up possession. This provision puts upon the Court the duty of deciding which is the lesser hardship and making an order accordingly. There does not seem to be any better way of deciding such points. It is not proposed to amend the Act, which represents the practically unanimous report of a Committee representative of all sections of the community.