I understand that there was a general desire expressed on the last day, when the Governor-General's speech was under discussion, that an early opportunity should be afforded to the Dáil of dealing with the address, with particular reference to the statement made by the Minister for Finance. If the Dáil desires to take up the discussion of the Governor-General's address now, I would agree to postpone this Bill until to-morrow or, if it were so desired, even until Friday—though I would prefer that the Dáil would take it to-morrow. With your permission, A Chinn Chomhairle, I would ask for an expression of opinion from Deputies as to what their view is. There was a general desire evinced last day that an opportunity should be afforded of discussing the statement of the Minister for Finance.

I rather gathered that there would be considerable discussion on this Bill, and, so far as I am concerned, I agree that it would be better to postpone it.

Until to-morrow or Friday?

Until Friday.

We only got this Bill this morning, and we have not had time to consider it. I think to-morrow would be too soon to take it up. We do not like to have Bills flung at us like this. To-morrow or next day would be too soon for discussion of this Bill. A Bill of this importance ought to get some consideration from Deputies, and they should have some opportunity of making up their minds about it. They would not have that opportunity if the Bill were taken to-morrow or next day, or this week at all. I would ask the President to postpone the consideration of this Bill until some day next week.

In that connection, I should point out that the discussion of the Bill would only be on the Second Reading, and would be a general discussion. The real business takes place on the Committee Stage. I would be agreeable to have this Bill taken up on Friday. As the Deputy knows, we have not got many Bills close up to Committee Stage, and it is with a view to providing work for the Dáil that I would like to have this Bill taken this week, if at all possible. The Bills which we introduced to-day will not occupy very much time, and I would like to be able to get a Third Reading of this Bill towards the end of next week. That would be possible if you took up consideration of it on Friday.

In that case, we will be agreeable to Friday.

Order for Second Reading on 14th November discharged, and Second Reading ordered for Friday, the 16th November.