asked the Minister for Defence if he is aware that on 28th September, 1923, Peter Barrett, aged 21 years, of Kiladerry, Ballyforan, Ballinasloe, was, accidentally or otherwise, shot by a Volunteer of the National Army while attending a dance at Coolgarry, Co. Roscommon, and died on the following morning; whether the military raid during which the fatality took place was duly authorised by the military authorities; whether he is aware that the deceased belonged to no party or association hostile to the Government, and that he was a young man of unblemished character; and whether any steps have been taken or will be taken to compensate John Barrett, the father of deceased, for the loss he has sustained by the death of his son.

Peter Barrett was fatally wounded during the course of a military raid on a house at which a dance was being held. The raid was duly authorised and was made in search of certain Irregulars, who were captured. I am aware that Barrett belonged to no party or association hostile to the Government. The soldier who fired the fatal shot was handed over to the civil authorities for trial on the 15th October last.

I regret that the claim for compensation cannot be entertained, as there is no legal liability attaching to the military in a case of this nature.