asked the Minister for Agriculture when and by what procedure it is proposed that Fee Farm Rents should be redeemed; how, in order to complete the abolition of dual ownership of land, it is proposed to deal with tenants in occupation of holdings under a Fee Farm Grant.

I would refer the Deputy to the similar question which appeared on the Question Paper for 22nd November.

The method of redemption of Fee Farm and certain other Rents is set out in Section 38 of the Land Act, 1923, and is briefly as follows:—The proprietor of the parcel of land concerned applies to the Land Commission for an advance for the purpose of redeeming the rent payable in respect of such parcel. The said rent and any interest superior thereto, will then be valued and redemption ordered by the Judicial Commissioner. The advance will be made in 4½ per cent. Land Bonds, and will be repayable by means of an ordinary Land Commission annuity calculated at the rate of 4¾ per cent. per annum.

The Rules governing procedure under this Section will shortly be published.