I move the Adjournment until 3 o'clock on Tuesday, the 12th February.

I want to amend the date, until Wednesday, 6th February. I desire to do so because of the arguments that were used a week ago in regard to the Housing (Building Facilities) Bill. I understood then that this was an urgent Bill, and certain privileges were given to the Minister to allow it to come forward. Because of its urgency, it was decided that the Committee Stage should be taken tomorrow, with the hope, I understand, of getting the Bill passed, and that whatever good is in it might be taken advantage of at an early date. But now it appears, from the Minister for External Affairs, that there is no hurry, that the Bill may be held up for a fortnight, or ten days, and that no time will be lost by doing so. I do not think that any good reason is adduced for the adjournment over next week. It may be said that certain important Ministers may not be present, but there are important Ministers still remaining, and particularly the Minister whose special sphere it is to deal with housing, the Minister for Local Government. I am sure that if it were required that the Minister for Home Affairs were to be here, dealing with Home Affairs, the Minister for External Affairs might be away dealing with External Affairs. The importance of this Bill will be found in the President's speech, and I do not think we are justified in skipping a week for the discussion of the Bill in Committee. I beg, therefore, to move that the adjournment be until Wednesday, 6th February.


I second the amendment.

Amendment: "To delete `Tuesday, 12th,' and insert `Wednesday, 6th"' —put and declared lost.

Motion put and agreed to.
The Dáil adjourned at 4.10 p.m., until Tuesday, February 12th.