Before proceeding with the Orders of the Day, I would like to ask the President if he is in a position now to say anything about his proposal regarding the Legislative programme for the remainder of the Session?

I hope to have the programme ready for the Deputies before the adjournment this evening. And I propose to move to take public business until 3 o'clock so as to dispose of the items on the Orders for the Day; that would leave one hour for the resolution.

Is it intended to take No. 7 (The Local Elections Postponement (Amendment) Bill, 1924), to-day?

It is proposed to stop at 3 o'clock in any event in order to take Private Business.

Yes, we are getting the matter typed or roneoed, and I expect to have it before the adjournment.

Are we to go straight down the Orders of the Day?

Yes, sir; as straight as possible.

It is suggested that the Ministerial business be not interrupted until 3 o'clock for the purpose of taking up private business on the Orders of the Day. Is that agreed to?