On behalf of the Minister for Industry and Commerce I am moving for leave to introduce this Bill, the purpose of which is as follows:— A Bill to enable the Minister for Industry and Commerce to guarantee certain classes of loans the application of which is calculated to promote employment in Saorstát Eireann, and to grant or guarantee certain classes of loans the application of which is calculated to promote a reduction in the retail prices in Saorstát Eireann of essential commodities, and to make provision for the application of public monies in or towards the fulfilling of such guarantees and the granting of such loans.

The Government feel that controlling prices is not the way to reduce prices, and the most effective way is to guarantee loans to consumers or purchasers, or a combination of both, who will agree to sell the essential articles at reasonable prices. Hence the last paragraph.

Is the Minister in a position to say that this is the Bill that the Minister for Industry and Commerce has mentioned is the equivalent of the British Trade Facilities Bill?


It is.

Is it ready for distribution?

It is ready for printing, but not yet ready for distribution.

Question: "That leave be granted to introduce the Bill"—put and agreed to.
Bill read a first time.


The Bill is very urgent, and I would suggest that the Second Stage be taken on Tuesday next.

I protest against this. It is a very important and a very urgent Bill, and a Bill which I hope we shall be able to pass before many weeks are over. I think, however, it is too much to expect us to take the Second Stage on Tuesday. The period is too short.


The Bill is, I agree, a very urgent and a very important one. We are all very anxious to have it passed before the end of the Session. The fact is that the Minister for Industry and Commerce will be in the Seanad in connection with the Railway Bill, and on that account there is a special reason why we should have the Second Stage on Tuesday. Full consideration could be given to the Bill on the Committee Stage. The Bill is a very short one, and it will be printed and circulated to-morrow evening.

That explains the reason why there should be further delay. The Bill will not be in the hands of Deputies until Monday, and possibly, in many cases, Tuesday. It is quite unreasonable to expect us to be able to deal even with the principle of the Bill at Tuesday's sitting. Much as I would like to facilitate the measure. I protest against this kind of rushing. We rather relaxed our vigilance because of the hope of an early adjournment, but now we must abandon that attitude, and we must resume our vigilance.

There are already eight Bills on the Order Paper for Tuesday, and would this Bill suffer very much by being put back to Wednesday? If it takes its place at the bottom of the Order Paper for Tuesday, it may not have a chance of coming on.


I am only too well aware of the number of Bills down for Tuesday. In view of what Deputies have said I suppose I cannot press for Tuesday. Will Deputies agree to Wednesday?

Second Stage ordered for Wednesday next.