I beg to move: "That the Report of the Special Committee be received by the Dáil." The Report is as follows:—

"The Committee was set up and the Bill in question was referred to it by Order of the Dáil dated 20th June, 1924, and the quorum of the Committee was therein fixed at five. By further Order, dated 25th June, 1924, the Committee was instructed to report back not later than the 9th July. The following Deputies were at the same time nominated on the Committee:—The Minister for Lands and Agriculture, Deputies O'Sullivan, Beamish, D'Alton, Johnson, Egan, P.K. Hogan (Limerick), P. Hogan (Clare), Milroy, J. Cosgrave, Duffy, Heffernan, Baxter, C. Byrne and Donovan. The Committee has taken the Bill into consideration and has made amendments therein. These amendments and the proceedings of the Committee are shown in the Appendix of this Report. A Copy of the Bill, as amended by the Special Committee, is herewith laid on the Table of the Dáil.

(Signed) J.M. O'SULLIVAN,


9 Iúl, 1924.

Question: "That the Report be received"—put and agreed to.
Report to be considered on the first day the Dáil meets next week.

With regard to Estimate 44, before we take up the Education Bill in Committee I should explain that Estimate. A technical point was raised here before, I think, as to this coming under the Minister for Agriculture. These Estimates were printed before the Ministers and Secretaries Bill came into operation, but it is the Minister for Education will answer for the greater part of it, and he desires it should not be taken to-day.

I am not fully prepared to take up that. I am quite new to the greater part of the matter that comes under this Estimate, but I should like that it should be taken as early as possible.

We shall take this Estimate on Friday.