asked the Minister for Finance whether he is aware that a number of Government trawlers are now undergoing some repairs at Haulbowline; that permanent employees of the Care and Maintenance Party are working many hours overtime on these boats; whether he will instruct that this work be performed by skilled workers from Cobh and adjoining areas, many of whom have been unemployed for a long period and whose families are living on Unemployment Insurance.

Six "Canadian" trawlers lying at Haulbowline have been sold; three for a Spanish, and three for a French destination. These vessels had to be docked and cleansed before they could be sent on their voyages, and this operation was undertaken by the existing staff at Haulbowline, the purchasers paying for the work done.

The purchasers were anxious to have the work completed quickly, and a certain amount of overtime was therefore worked, amounting up to the present to about £130.

If the work had been more extensive, the question of taking on extra labour would have received consideration.

Would the Minister say what is meant by "Care and Maintenance Party." Is it the Care and Maintenance Party appointed by the Minister for Defence?

They are the people who take care of the plant and machinery.

Then it is not a British Care and Maintenance Party?

That is what I want to have cleared up.