I have to announce that a message has been received from the Seanad, that the Seanad has this day decided to insist on Amendments 1, 2 and 9 inserted by it in the Intoxicating Liquor Bill, 1924.

On a point of procedure, is there any action that the Dáil is in a position to take now on such a message? Can the Dáil in any way retrace its steps in regard to this Bill, having sent it to the Seanad and the Seanad not having agreed to the position taken up by the Dáil?

Oh, yes. The Dáil can now say, in view of the Seanad's insistence, that it agrees to the Seanad amendments, for example. The whole question arises again on the message.

Will that require notice of motion?

Will the Minister give that notice, or shall I?

I think the Deputy had better give it. I have almost despaired of the Dáil. If the Deputy has not, he can give it.

Would that mean that the Dáil would have to agree with all the amendments, or would there be a compromise?

There is a variety of methods. The message implies a complete deadlock on three amendments, but various things can be done.

Could the message be discussed next Wednesday, if notice were given?

I give formal notice of moving that the Dáil reconsider its decision and that the Dáil do approve of the Seanad amendments.

May I ask if Deputy Johnson is speaking as the leader of a party or for himself?

I am not elected here as a leader of a party. I am elected as a Deputy for the County of Dublin.

The Dáil can take any action that it thinks will bring it into agreement with the Seanad. It can appoint a Committee, for instance, to meet a Committee of the Seanad and take any action of a practical kind which would bring the two Houses into agreement. That is the situation. Notice of Motion for next Wednesday, however, is technically late. It should have been in before 11 o'clock this morning.

Assuming it was not late, would it mean Deputy Johnson moving to accept all the amendmentsin globo, or would we discuss the amendments separately?

We would have to discuss them separately, I think.

Will that motion be taken up on next Wednesday?

If some Deputy thought it better to ask for a meeting of a Joint Committee to discuss the matter with the Seanad, would that also require similar notice?

Would it be in order if we discussed this matter here and came to a decision to refer it to the Seanad again? Has not the Seanad definitely disposed of the matter?

I do not like to answer questions as to the rights of the Seanad. As to our own rights, finding that the Seanad are insisting on their amendments it is plain that we can reconsider our position and do whatever we think right.

Arising out of that point, is there any time limit within which notice of motion can be given?

It would be in order for Thursday, given now. The notice that Deputy Johnson gives is general, but when put in proper form it will be in order for Thursday.

Is it settled yet as to when we are to meet next week?

Probably on Friday.