Before we proceed with the business of the day, could we know in what order private business will be taken?

I intended to inform the House after questions that it is my intention on the adjournment to move that the re-assembly of the Dáil would not be next week but the week after. Business is not in order to have it presented to the Dáil earlier than a fortnight from now. It is also my intention to ask Deputy Figgis to allow the consideration of the motion which he is moving to take place at three o'clock, if the business on the Order Paper is not completed before 2 p.m. The order, therefore, would be public business until three o'clock and then the Deputy's motion.

Would the Minister for Finance say what action is to be taken as regards No. 4 on the Order Paper? Is it to be opposed?

As it is the First Stage, I do not propose to oppose it.

Whatever course is convenient to the President will be perfectly convenient to me.

What was the order about business?

The proposal is that the Dáil should adjourn until next Wednesday week and that to-day we will take the public business on the Order Paper until three o'clock, when we will deal with private business. As No. 4 on the Order Paper will be unopposed I suggest that we take that first.