asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if he has received a complaint from James Delaney, Coote Street, Mountrath, Leix, regarding non-payment of unemployment insurance benefit; whether he is now prepared to sanction payment for the amount claimed, or state the reason why he is unable to do so.

An inquiry has been received on behalf of Mr. James Delaney, Coote Street, Mountrath, in reference to the claim to unemployment benefit which he made at Portlaoighise on the 29th June last. On that claim Mr. Delaney received payment of benefit for 84 days, being all the benefit he was entitled to in respect of proved unemployment. He made no further claim until the 29th December. On this claim benefit has been authorised for 70 days, in respect of the unexhausted contributions to the claimant's credit, and he is at present in receipt of benefit. No further benefit can be paid on the claim of the 29th June for the reason that after drawing benefit for 84 days the claimant ceased to prove that he was continuously unemployed. If he had drawn further benefit on that claim he would, of course, by exhausting a proportionate number of contributions, be entitled to less benefit on his present claim.