asked the Minister for Finance whether he is aware that the Wood-Renton Commission in 1923 made an award of £40 8s. 6d. compensation, and interest at 5 per cent. from August 1st, 1923, and £6 1s. 3d. costs and expenses, in favour of Mr. Michael Gowen, merchant, Fermoy, and notified his Department accordingly; whether a second award of £110 compensation, and interest at 5 per cent. from June 1st, 1925, and £3 3s. costs and expenses, was also made in favour of Mr. Gowen by this Commission, and his Department notified in August, 1925; whether these claims have yet been paid, and, if not, whether he will now have payment expedited; and whether he can state if a defended decree of the Recorder of Cork on October 23rd, 1919, for the sum of £42 compensation, and £6 1s. 10d. costs and expenses, in favour of Mr. Gowen for damage to his premises in September, 1919, has yet been paid.

Both of the awards referred to by the Deputy, as well as the defended decree mentioned, have been discharged long since; the latest payment (i.e., of the second award) being made in full to the claimant as far back as September last.

Discharge of the other two cases was effected in part by payments made to the Revenue Commissioners and the White Cross Trustees, but the claimant's solicitor was duly advised of these payments at the time.