asked the Minister for Defence if he is aware that Mr. Peter Gallaghan, of Limerick Street, Roscrea, was, on the evening of the 30th August, 1922, knocked down by a military motor car driven by a soldier; that Gallaghan suffered very serious physical injury, had to be medically attended, and was unable to work for a considerable time, and is still feeling the effects of the happening; that a Court of Inquiry was held on the 5th November, 1923, in Roscrea, and if he will state what the findings of the Court of Inquiry were; also, if he is aware that numerous letters were written to his Department by Messrs. William Menton & Co., solicitors for Gallaghan, during 1925 and 1926, and that no reply has been made, and if it is intended to compensate Gallaghan for the injury he has suffered and for loss of employment owing to the injury, and what sum it is proposed to grant.

A claim for compensation in respect of injuries due to a collision with a military motor car has been received from Mr. Gallaghan, through his solicitors. The accident was investigated by a Court of Inquiry which found that there was not sufficient evidence to show how it occurred. Essential witnesses were not immediately available and considerable delay was experienced in ascertaining the facts, The case has been the subject of correspondence with the claimant's solicitors and it is not correct to say that no reply has been given to their letters. The question of compensation is under consideration, and it is hoped to dispose of the matter at an early date.

In view of the fact that this occurrence took place in August, 1922, and this is May, 1926, there seems to have been sufficient time for a full examination into the claim. Why has not an award of compensation been made? It has been delayed for a long time.

The reason for the delay is that it was not possible to identify either the driver or the motor car. The driver was not a military driver but a civilian, and the names given at the time were not the names of the driver and any person who was in the motor. In January last the names were ascertained. The delay is not due to anything connected with my office.

Will the Minister see that the claim will be soon dealt with?

As I indicated, no avoidable delay will take place in having the claim dealt with.