asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health on what grounds the claim to an old age pension by Mrs. Margaret Farrell, of Lehery, Lanesboro', was rejected, and if he is aware that two reputable witnesses, aged respectively, 73 and 77 years, testified on oath before a Peace Commissioner that the applicant was 70 years of age, and if the Minister can see his way to re-open the consideration of this case.

An appeal was received in this case on the 22nd September, 1927, on the ground of unsatisfactory evidence of age. No birth or baptismal certificate or any other definite evidence of age was produced. On the particulars furnished by the claimant, no record of her marriage was found in the official Marriage Register during the years 1884-1885. Solemn declarations were made by two neighbours that the claimant was 71 years of age, but they were not considered sufficiently relevant and conclusive to justify the allowance of a pension. A formal decision disallowing the claim was given on 8th October, 1927. That decision cannot be reconsidered.

asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health (a) why the old age pension of 6/- a week passed by the Sub-Committee to Patrick Dolan, of Drumcromaun, Drumshambo, County Leitrim, was opposed by the Pension Officer. and (b) the reason for the decision given by the Pension Officer on 14th September last to the effect that the claimant was not entitled to any pension.

It was reported that this claimant resided on a holding of land consisting of two farms, combined valuation £12, with nine head of stock and usual tillage, and it was not shown that means as calculated for pension purposes were within the statutory limit. The claim was therefore disallowed on the 14th of October, 1927.

If the claimant considers her means at any time below the statutory limit (£39 5s. a year) for the receipt of a pension it is open to her to make a fresh claim in the usual way.

It is not possible to reconsider decisions given in old age pension cases.