asked the Minister for Fisheries whether he will state the reasons for the delay in acquiring 173 acres of land held by Mr. Patrick Bobbett in the townland of Kilbelan, Newbridge, County Kildare, and if the Land Commission will be instructed to expedite the purchase and division of these lands.

Having fully considered all the aspects of this case, the Land Commission have decided not to proceed further at present with the acquisition of the lands held by Patrick Bobbett in the townland of Kilbelan, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Does the Minister know that this particular landlord has farms all over the country, and that people in Newbridge want this land for dairy farms and for the relief of congestion?

There is no congestion in the neighbourhood. I think congests there have already been provided for in other lands. Furthermore, I understand that the owner is working this farm in an up-to-date manner and is giving a great deal of employment.

How can he be giving a great deal of employment when the lands are used for grazing and nothing more? It is favouritism pure and simple.

I repudiate that statement. The Land Commission have investigated the matter fully and are satisfied that there is no congestion.